"Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old. Seek what they sought." Matsuo Basho




We Are



Do It!



. Joseph Wilson was born in 1942. His earliest spiritual influence was his grandmother's church meetings. After High School Joseph enlisted in the Air Force, where he met Sean, who began to teach Joseph to listen to nature. Under Sean's influence, Joseph participated in several nature-based activities that gave him direct experience with spirit. In 1963, Joseph was inspired to start a witchcraft publication, which he titled "The Waxing Moon." This was the basis for the first Craft-related contact circles in the United States. An ad in Pentagram (a British publication) for The Waxing Moon put Joseph in contact with Robert Cochrane (Roy Bowers), with whom Joseph studied through correspondence during the last six months of Robert's life.

By 1969 Joseph "had something of a national reputation." After the publication of Witches USA, contributors Ed Fitch, John Hansen, and Joe, along with Gwydion Penderwen (Tom DeLong) created a publication of practices, which later evolved into three sister groups: "Nemeton" on the west coast of the USA (Gwydion), "Pagan Way" on the east coast of the USA (John and Ed), and the "Pagan Movement In Britain and Ireland" in England (Joe). In 1969 Joseph moved to England, where he worked with Ruth Wynn-Owen of Y Plant Bran, who was to become the third major influence on his practice. There he was initiated into Gardnerian Wicca through three degrees by an HPS he calls "Lady Alice." Ruth also introduced Joseph to Norman Giles, who continued Robert's teaching, and explained to Joe about Robert's tendency to mix "truth with falsehood." Joe also met Tony Kelly in Wales, who urged Joseph into natural themes. After retiring from the Air Force in 1973, Joseph moved to Los Angeles, where he participated in many circles, and was initiated into Ordo Templi Astartes. During this period, he created the 1734 tradition. He also participated in the formation of the Covenant of the Goddess until their insistence on the acceptance of the Wiccan Rede forced him out. Joe was a periodic contributor to Gnostic News as well.

In 1977 Joseph met Ernie (Longwalker) Peters, who pointed out the importance of listening to nature over ritual and tools. Suddenly Joseph saw that Sean, Ruth, and Robert had all tried to tell him the exact same thing. The immediate result was formation of the Temple Of The Elder Gods (TOTEG). An attempt was made to "connect directly with our ancestors and the Gods and to discover ways that were appropriate to them based on where we lived." In 1988 TOTEG was dissolved and Joseph left the neopagan community entirely. In 1994 Joseph began participating in Usenet group soc.religion.shamanism. In 1996 he met Starrhawke, with whom he wrote the Declaration of Metista, and later maintained a website for Metista - a uniquely American, primarily shamanic evolution of the original TOTEG -along with an internet based community. In 2003 Joseph and Starr went their separate ways, and Joseph continued along his path of promoting and teaching natural spirituality through Toteg Tribe.

Joseph had been diagnosed with COPD many years ago, and fought the disease far longer than his doctors had expected him to do. On August 4, 2004 sometime between midnight and 7 AM, he passed away quietly.  Joseph will be sorely missed. Toteg Tribe is alive and thriving and is being continued and expanded both because it is the path of our hearts, and as a living legacy to the life’s work of Papa Bear, Joseph Bearwalker Wilson

In Loving Memory of Joseph B Wilson, who nudged us all to seek our own way down our *own* "F****** Briar-Filled  paths."
"Look where I'm pointing, not at my finger." Joseph Bearwalker Wilson

shamans chant and drum 
tom-toms hypnotic 
prancing dancing 
words ecstatic 
they conjure 
earth magic 
Dance and drum for me my friend, 
and for all those who love
you still. Dee Moonhawk Young

I knew I was in a good place because of his crotchety manner. 
Call me strange, 
but it was my signal that 
there was something *real*

Tous ceux qui auront eu comme moi (beaucoup trop brièvement  en ce qui me concerne) l'occasion d'entrer en contact avec Joseph vont
penser à lui très fort.

Que l'Esprit guide son âme dans la suite du voyage, et console tous ceux qui restentHenri

There is no one here I know, who isn't aware of what an exceptional man he was, or what an incredible gift his life is to all of us. I'm only thankful  to have met him at all, 
and sorrowful at the shortness of time.  Be well, Kestrels Flight

My heart hurts...Kaerwyn

And together we will flow into the mystic.....Come on Joe...Too late to stop now...Love, Tamara

He's nekkid and shaking his butt.
Laughter, lechery and grumpy growling. 
Just a few of the things I love about Joe.
Winding Down the Spiral Path,

He replied, "It don't matter which road you take to
Heaven, so long as you get there!". Suddenly my 
grandfather turned into Joe. He smiled big and 
laughed out a "Hiya".
Peace, Lee

He helped me to get over my anger and hate...
he told me to forgive...Lucy

He became a good friend to me as well as a spiritual 
mentor.  I look forward to knowing him even more 
closely now. My second knot is tied... 
With heartfelt love, Peter

I'm going to miss Joe's IM's coming through with a 
"Hiya sexy",and his great humor too. Unfortunately. 
that won't happen anymore, at least not on the 
computer. With Love, Daphne

pleading ghost plays cordial host
wants us, friends to stay and play
but we know, tearfully so....
demanding time tells
we must go
but LOVE promised it's return
it really did
so where is where it hid ?


I will feel grass and pebbles under bare feet. 
I will stand out under
the sky dense with stars 
and watch the waning moon rise.
I will eat a nectarine 
and feel the juice run down my chin and my arms.
I will think of my sisters, and my brothers, with whom I have been 
talking and grieving these past three days. 
I will think of the amazing chances 
that brought us together. 
I will think of Joseph, 
his warmth and his wit and his wisdom. 
I will remember that I owe to him this immediacy of living that now pervades all my days, 
that I owe to him these wonderful kinfolk. 
Aisling SongWeaver

I love you Joe.*ties the third knot* Jaelle

I had just sent you an email when this came through. I am a bit shocked. I think some of the things I said might be truer than ever~
let's all stick together eh? I might get drunk tonight though. Oh shit... Stuart xxx

So my days of silence were spent in remembrance and contemplation of everything I was taught.  Nahani

I miss IMing my dad every day. Marian Sue

And The Ancient One said: "The ways taught to you by your Elders, and your Mothers and Fathers, and Teachers, and Books are sacred. It is good that you respect those ways, for they are the ways of your ancestors. But the ancestors no longer walk on the Face of the Earth Mother. You have forgotten your own Vision. Your Vision is right for you but no one else. Now each of you must pray for your own Visions, and be still enough to see it, so you can follow the way of the heart. It is a hard way. It is a good way." 
Joseph Bearwalker Wilson
Joseph  never wanted us to say he had "passed on." He always said, "I am gonna DIE, dammit. like everything and everyone else." Then he would twinkle and say, "No, I'm not "passing on" anywhere. You won't get rid of me THAT easy!"....We know.....yeah, we know.....
So I said to him..."What will we do when you die?" And he said, "Everyone dies. Life is short. Dance nekkid and wiggle your butt!"
Come  now  Children,  come   and   dance ~  Earth  and  Wind  and  Sea. Come and  join   the  Dance  of  Life.  Earth  and  Wind  and Sea!