Toteg Tribe Recommended Reading List

We're pleased to be able to offer a broad assortment of books and materials meant to assist you in discovering and developing your connection to the natural world and personal spiritual path. We have organized our recommended reading lists into separate categories to assist you with finding information on particular subjects. Most links will provide you the option of various formats and prices.

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General Toteg Tribe Reading and Reference

We offer you an assortment of books we feel are representative of or related to the philosophies, lifestyles, and tenets of what we consider our WorldView of natural spirituality.

Visar & Shamanism Training and Reference Materials

Many people are on a shamanist path, believe they may have the calling, have an interest in just what shamanism is, wonder how shamanism relates to spirituality, or are into some intense personal training. Overall, our offerings here should answer many questions in what we consider a "natural worldview". Required reading for our Visar training program are identified.


Respectful attention and reverence for our immediate family and all our ancestors (physical, cultural and spiritual) is practiced by the Toteg Tribe. These items are an example of potential routes for this reverence and attention.

The Natural World

Since one of the foundations of our belief system stresses the importance of "where you live", it's impossible for us to even consider identifying the best choices for your region and climate. Instead, we offer a few general information books, along with a sampling of the type of books you should be seeking for your location and personal use.

Elements of Magic

Related to magic and magical workings.

Earth Friendly

How do I walk in balance with Mother Earth? An assortment of guides and information.

Healers Guild

Select informational and reference books of special interest to those with a penchant for healing.

Bards Guild

... Of special interest to those with a penchant for music in it's many forms.


Toteg Tribe prefers folks make their own divination tools from inspiration and materials from the natural world surrounding them where they live, but we understand that can take years of observation, dedication, and collecting before being possible. Since divination can be an important and powerful tool, it may be a good idea to begin with a tool that both resonates with you and will work well with your particular talents and calling.

Miscellaneous Items of Interest

Everything that didn't fit anywhere else, including some music and movie selections.

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