The Culture Conundrum ~ An Overview

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                         Toteg Tribe recognizes that the idea of exploring Spirit as it manifests for you personally, within your own land, ancestry, and culture, is much more difficult than it sounds. Most of us are embedded in so many different cultures simultaneously that we cannot readily even identify them all, let alone separate them from one another and honor them as discrete entities. And, of course, for urban dwellers who are the progeny of explorers, and farmers, and sailors, and scholars, and divers other sorts of people, many of our concentric cultures do not even exist any more as discrete entities. And we all bear influences from cultures in which no longer are we, nor is any member of our bloodline or heritage, currently embedded. So...what to do? Here are links to several essays by members of Toteg Tribe who have been contemplating and working with the overall concept of Cultural Respect, or Cultural Integrity, or Cultural Identity, or several other approaches to this complex topic. It is our wish that you might find some ideas here to assist you on your own search. Further essays will be added to this space as they emerge from our study.

Cultural Respect 
by Jaelle Shadowdancer
Cultural Responsibility
by Doyen Dee Berry