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Connectedness And Mother Earth

No one knows what life is. Science has not unraveled its mysteries enough to be able to tell us what it is. Scientists cannot even agree on whether things like viruses, which multiply and mutate, are alive or not. 

All we really know about life is that it began once and continues. The life of  Earth began billions of years ago. All that we observe as living is a continuation of that life which continually multiplies and divides into new expressions. For example, when a living spermatozoon unites with a living ovum they both cease to exist as independent entities. They become a zygote; a new expression of the continuation of life. This is not a new life, it is a merging and continuation of that life which existed in the spermatozoon and ovum, which existed in the organisms which produced those gametes, and so forth on back billions of years in time. 

Mother Earth is alive. She is the ultimate expression of life. We, the beings which have been born from Her and walk in Her are a part of Her and Her life. Our bodies are composed of the same minerals which make up Her body. Likewise our spirit and soul is a part of Her spirit and soul. She is a total living being and we are a part of Her total living being in much the same way that the cells of our bodies are living parts of our living being. Her body is alive in the same way our bodies are alive. Even the stones are alive in the same way that the bones in our bodies are alive. 

All we really know about life is that it exists and that it manifests itself as energy. We know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed -- only changed. 

When our bodies cease to function and begin to decompose we are dead. Decomposition is Mother's way of re absorbing the minerals of our bodies so that they may be re-used in other life forms: as food for bacteria, worms, insects, animals, plants, and so forth. In this way the life energy of the body is "reincarnated" or changed into the life energy of other beings. This is easy to observe. 

Now we must make a leap from empirical evidence to the belief that soul and spirit exists. The Earth Mother's soul and spirit is the ultimate connectedness with all Earthly things. Our souls and spirits must be a part of Her soul and spirit in the same way that our bodies are a part of Her body. When we die our spiritual essence must be re-absorbed into Her soul and spirit in the same way our bodies  are re-absorbed into Her body. There they stay for a time and experience heaven, hell, or whatever else they truly expect after death. After a time these souls and spirits may then be absorbed by the union of spermatozoon and ovum and thus become connected with a "new" living being. 

 Just as our bodies are naturally recycled into the lives of many plants, insects, and animals, our souls and spirits may as well become a part of many different beings. Our present individual consciousness may become the separate individual consciousness of many different beings in its immediate next arrival at what we think of as life. Although one or more of these may be born soon after this body's death, there is no reason to believe that some may not also be born centuries later. Such a "new life" would still be in direct lineage from what I think of as being "me"; it would still be an incarnation of "me." 

Since my body, soul, and spirit are intimate parts of Mother Earth's body, soul, and spirit, none of these future incarnations will be on other planets, in other solar systems, or in other galaxies until the Void Herself re-absorbs the Earth Mother and all is reborn from the Womb of the Great Grandmother become Virgin. 

The beliefs that when we die we will go to heaven for eternity, or will be born on another planet, are a part of an elitist escapist philosophy which denies our personal responsibility to live in harmony with all our relations. Those who believe this way hope that they will escape the consequences of exploiting and destroying the Earth either by being born on another planet (which they can then destroy?) or by going to another dimension of existence forever. They are wrong. 

Our future incarnations will be here in this Earth, whether we heal Her back to the state of a beautiful Green Maiden or turn Her into a horrible cancerous Hag. The responsibility is ours. 

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