"Life will continue but it may be without humans" 
By Joseph Bearwalker Wilson

We as a species are racing headlong on a path of self-destruction. This must be stopped. This must be changed or life on earth will continue without humans.

Human beings are a gregarious race. It is our natural tendency to move in or form groups with others of the same kind. These groups offer mutual companionship and interactive support of one kind or another. These groups are the basic tribal structure. Human beings are naturally a tribal species.

When we lived tribally our lives were guided by the cycles of nature -- the seasons caused us to move from one place to another. We depended on our interpretation of nature and on our dreams and visions as a part of our survival in the cycle of life. Among us arose specialists, technicians-of-the-sacred, who traveled in dreams and visions and returned and told us stories of the beings they encountered in their journeys. But our spirituality was a part of life, a part of our nomadic tribal life style. We had no need for an organization we called a religion.

Not many thousand years ago we began the process called civilization. We abandoned the nomadic lifestyle and adopted new ways of living. Some of the things we abandoned were unnecessary to our new way of life. Some of them would have been detrimental to our new way of life. Some of the things we adopted were good for our new way of life short term, but not long term. Some of the things we adopted for our new way of life were bad for us short term, but good for us long term. There are many good things about civilization. There are also many things about civilization that are not so good.

When we left behind our dependence on the knowledge of the cycles of nature, and the seasons, we also left behind personal relationship with Spirit. Our own dreams and visions became secondary, and we depended more and more on guidance from professional dreamers and visionaries.

We followed the vision of those who told us that life is meant to be hard and the only relief from suffering is in the afterlife. This is a very dangerous and false vision, for by it's nature it teaches folks that it doesn't matter what they do to the Earth, to the Environment, they will escape to "Heaven" or disappear into "Nirvana" or be reborn somewhere in the Pleiades or some other spacy realm, leaving behind the Earth as so much trash. Sadly the attitude of "Why should I care? I won't be here?" is prevalent.

It is my calling to Save the Earth, to "Heal the Earth Mother" (in other words to help humanity to survive as a species because no matter what the earth and life on her will survive in one way or another)(see "Dark Visions"). Others have similar callings and work towards this goal in ways that they are qualified to do so.

My way is a shamanic path of Nature oriented spirituality. This is what and how I practice, and thus is the only way I can teach. I know that some folks expect me to practice and teach popular neo-Pagan or other "occultism" with all of the pretty embellishments, and flourishes, and ceremonies, and whistles and bells that accompanies it. There are plenty of others out there who offer those things. I have neither the need nor the desire to do so.

The way I teach and what I teach challenges those who are able to go back beyond that time when doctrine and dogma was served to the people as a replacement for personal experience. It challenges you to rediscover what was discarded long ago and to find anew the ancient ways of living in harmony WITH Mother Earth. This is a monumental task, but it MUST be done.

I make no apologies for my calling. Nor will I compromise my principles. There are plenty of others who teach easier ways.

Live in harmony,

Joseph B Wilson
'Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought.' - Basho 


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